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What should you know about tires every season?

All season tires? All Seasons? Do you know what they are? And why should you use them? Choosing the best tire means knowing our needs and those of our vehicle to meet the fundamental driving and safety requirements. All Seasons are a great option, which guarantees high performance all year round, on a wide variety of surfaces and climatic conditions, such as rain, hail, or some snow. Goodyear explains why the industry is witnessing a boom in the use of All Seasons tires. For more insights jump to: milestar ms932 review

According to a study by Goodyear, it is increasingly drivers who do not want to switch between summer and winter tires, and depending on the different characteristics of each season. Currently, sales of this type of tires in Spain already represent 5% of the market, and are growing at a fast pace (20% in 2018), thus clearly surpassing the numbers of winter tires.

Between 1977 and the recent launch of the second generation of Vector 4Seasons tires (Vector 4Seasons SUV Gen-2), from Goodyear, a lot has evolved in all-season tires. It has traction in any type of conditions and a high performance in the four seasons (as long as the temperatures do not fall below -5ºC). In fact, the second generation of Vector 4Seasons even guarantees up to 7ºC. The evolution has been unstoppable as a technology and also in growth of this type of tires.

All-season tire characteristics


In 1977, the Goodyear Tiempo appeared, the first possible tire to use on the road with variable weather. Although summer tires see their properties dropping below 7º C, “all seasons” are a suitable alternative to ensure excellent performance in all weather conditions, without the need to change the tire set or use chains, thanks to approval as a winter tire. All Seasons adapt better at any time. They are suitable for rain and occasional cold temperatures and also offer high performance in warm months.

All Seasons, suitable for the climate of the Iberian Peninsula

The Vector 4Seasons family from Goodyear was developed for touring vehicles, SUVs and vans and presents itself as a solution for the type of Iberian climate. The objective is to respond to and address the main needs that arise in the Internal, especially in regions with milder winters such as Spain. On the labeling , these tires bear the M + S marks (Mud + Snow) which is the same as saying that they are approved for driving in winter conditions, being an ideal alternative to the chains. Although in our country, the temperature does not usually drop below 0ºC as in other European countries, it is common, in some regions, to face light snowfall or ice.

Vector 4Seasons tires incorporate SmartTred technology, which has a series of state-of-the-art polymers and a higher proportion of silica, which ensures better performance on wet surfaces, with ice or hail. Also noteworthy are the hydrodynamic ridges that provide greater protection against aquaplaning on wet or hail roads. The new generation of Vector 4Seasons also incorporates Weather Reactive technology, which improves stability and maneuverability on dry surfaces.

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